Texts of Mother Christine

First thoughts communicated to Mother Gonzalès (Retreat in 1914)

The Rule tells us that a contemplative Sion is desirable as soon as possible. Three things are obligatory for it (Rule p. 9 and 10, 1912 edition):

  1. the strictest cloister;
  2. the most absolute silence;
  3. the recitation of the big Office.

In addition, this house would serve as a place of renewal for the Sisters of Sion who teach; the Superior General would send them for a time.

Thus, together with Our Father, we must desire this house to come as soon as possible. …

To begin, three persons would be enough; they would be given two rooms wherever the Superior General thinks would be good. The Rule advises but does not impose Jerusalem.

External occupations: helping the lay sisters in the house where they are. Which responds to the thought that each one will serve without expecting to be served. …

While the beginning phase lasts, to live of the charity of the house that will consent to give these alms. Later, if the sisters begin in humility and with fervor, and if they do not become discouraged, they will have everything that is necessary.