Texts of Fr. Mary

Letter from Sr. Bénédicta to Sr. Marcella in Jerusalem on September 19, 1897

Father Marie said one day concerning contemplative life in Sion ‘that it belongs to the full development of the initial inspiration of a religious institute, like the unfolding of a rose, the petals of which only open slowly and one after the other until the flower reaches the fullness of its beauty and releases the quintessence of its scent.’”
(quoted by Sr. Carmelle in the event of January 20, 1842, p. 94 in the French)

Letter from Sr. Genovefa to Mother Gonzalès on December 25, 1926

As to your question to me, Mother, about what Father Marie said as regards the contemplative branch, I only heard him speak of this once. I was a novice in the small circle in the middle and just opposite that good Father. … It was during the first days of January 1884, the day our Father Marie had received the telegram telling him of the false improvement in Our Father’s health, and from 8 to 8:30 p.m. he came to the evening recreation in the parlor. He said he felt the need to come to his children for a moment so as to reassure them after the emotions of the preceding days. No, my dear children, he said, Our Father has not yet died; his work is not yet accomplished, the Congregation is not complete. Here in Jerusalem, in the sanctuary of the Ecce Homo, there must be a special work of prayer and atonement for the people of Israel. One day, there must be sisters here whose main occupation will be this supplication and atonement. Then the sisters will succeed one another day and night before the Most Blessed Sacrament, and the rest of the time, prayer, work and penance will intermingled.