the Good news!

Alleluia He is alive!

In front of big “why” of the life, two ways offer themselves to us: continue to look in a melancholic way at graves of yesterday and today, or to let Jesus approach our graves. Yes, because each of us already has a small grave, a little bit dead zone in its heart: a wound, an undergone or made wrong(disadvantage), a resentment which does not leave respite, one re-bites which returns again and again, a sin which we do not manage to exceed(overtake). Let us identify the small graves today that we have inside us and there, invite Jesus. It is strange, but often, we prefer to be alone in the dark caves which we have in us, instead of inviting Jesus there; we are tempted to look for ourselves always ourselves, by ruminating and by sinking into the anxiety, by licking our wounds, instead of going to Him, who says: ” You all come to me, who toil under the weight of the burden, and I, I shall get for you the rest ” (Mt 11, 28). Let us be not allowed imprison by the temptation to remain alone and discouraged from crying on ourselves for what arrives at us; let us not give in to the useless and little decisive logic of the fear, to repeat us, resigned, that everything goes wrong and that nothing is more as formerly. It is about the atmosphere of the grave there; the Lord wishes on the contrary to open the way of the life, that of the meeting with Him, the confidence(trust) in Him, the resurrection of the heart, the way of ” Get up! Get up, come outside! ” That is what the Lord asks us and It is by our side to make it.

Pope Francis 2 april 2017

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