“rivers of living water flow…”

le_jourdain“The Gospel tells us that rivers of living water flow from the depth of the believer’s soul; not one river but rivers; rivers of peace, rivers of light, rivers of wisdom, rivers of love and of charity. And these inexhaustible rivers do not leave the heart in order to be lost; they are communicated to other hearts; they flow down step by step, like a rich cascade whose source is in heaven and whose torrents of grace fall onto the earth to make it beautiful and to fertilize it.

Thus, if we drink this beverage of divine life, if we eat the bread of love, we become collaborators in its works, the instruments of its will, the dispensers of its spirit and its graces. Because of this, it is our duty, like that of the angels, to spread around us blessing and edification and the good fragrance of Jesus Christ.


Father Théodore commente Jean 7,38

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